Free Egyptian Army (FEA) wreaking havoc in Egypt from Libya

There are now shocking reports of jihadists setting up shop in Libya as members of the Egyptian equivalent of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Billed as the Free Egyptian Army (FEA), these are nothing more than soldiers for the Muslim Brotherhood. As such, they are agents of Turkey. According to Al-Akhbar, the el-Sisi led government in Egypt has its hands full and is having difficulty keeping up with the influx.

According to reports, a primary goal of the FEA will be to release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners.

FEA planning to free this bunch.

FEA planning to free this bunch.

At, we have consistently maintained that the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is by no means the end of the Brotherhood in Egypt. Since being ousted from Egypt, the group has been parking and plotting inside Turkey. When we see reports of an FEA, you can bet Turkey is supporting it.

The el-Sisi regime has a fight on its hands from multiple fronts. Al-Akhbar reports:

According to the sources, “attempts to create a Free Egytian Army in Libya have been identified, with the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda and under Qatari-Turkish-Iranian patronage, in addition to plans to target vital installations, including Cairo International Airport, the storming of prisons to free Muslim Brotherhood detainees, and spreading chaos to sabotage the presidential elections.”

“Factories in Libya are making Egyptian army uniforms and distributing them to members of the Free Egyptian Army, in preparation to enter the country in the future and implement those schemes and awaiting the zero hour, which will be set by the intelligence agencies that control them,” the sources explained.

Pundits and politicians have bemoaned the loss of Egypt to Russia but who can blame them? At every turn, the Obama administration has shown solidarity with Turkey, with Syria’s rebels, and with the Muslim Brotherhood. Russia’s Putin – no matter what is thought of him – has been supporting el-Sisi against the Brotherhood; ditto in Syria. As for Turkey, based on the history between that country and Russia, el-Sisi doesn’t have to wonder what side Putin’s on there.

Meanwhile, el-Sisi looks at the U.S. alliance with Turkey and sees nothing good.

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