Abilene Police give Malik Obama escort to Cult

It looks like local Abilene media has picked up on Malik Obama’s visit to the House of Yahweh. Video posted by a local television station shows the President’s brother arriving at the compound on the morning of April 18th, being escorted by the Abilene Police.

KTXS also reported on Obama’s visit to the compound.

Shoebat.com recently reported on the arrest of one of HOY’s top leaders just a couple of days prior to Malik’s visit. Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins was charged with threatening to kill a judge and several lawyers in emails he sent last month. The founder of HOY, Yisrayl Hawkins, was arrested in 2008 on charges of bigamy and forced child labor.

You can read more about this bizarre partnership between a cult leader and the brother of the President of the United States here.

**UPDATE at 6:52pm EST on April 18, 2014**
According to Abilene’s Big Country, the police explained that their escort of Obama was due to “general threats”. Here is a statement from Police:

“We were asked if we would provide this escort because general threats had been made toward Mr. Obama. The Police Department is committed to the safety of all citizens, so we used two on-duty members to provide this escort. A specific threat was never articulated, nor do we believe any of the threats were local. Consequently, APD is not investigating any allegations.”

While local media was close enough to get a photo of Malik checking into the airport after his visit with Hawkins, no one asked him about the tax-exempt status he received from Lois Lerner or his connections to Omar al-Bashir and Sudan:

Malik Obama at the Abilene airport after visiting House of Yahweh.

Malik Obama at the Abilene airport after visiting House of Yahweh.


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