Muslims Throw Qurans in Sewers

When Jones was arrested this past Sept. 11 on a felony charge after hauling nearly 3,000 copies of the Quran to a park in Mulberry, the world was up in arms because he planned to set them on fire.

The felony charge he faces is for illegally transporting flammable materials — in the form of nearly 3,000 kerosene-soaked copies of the Quran, Islam’s holy book.

Jones will be on probation for six months and was banned from Polk County. That means he will not be able to carry out his plan to burn Qurans in the county on Sept. 11, 2014.

While media focuses on Jones, sources that obtained reveals that some Muslims got tired of the Quran and decided to dump them. From Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, there are several cases of Muslims dumping Qurans in dumpsters, and even the local sewage, in the most holiest place in Islam, Saudi Arabia.

Last year, a ton of Qurans were discovered in the local sewage in Taef, Saudi Arabia.

only a handful news agencies reported the incident.



The story began when a complaint was filed as a child found a Quran nearby the sewage drain. The Saudi Police began to investigate and found Qurans oozing with feces in the local sewage.

The Saudi government had to pump out huge amounts of sewage material and began an effort to restore the Qurans.

In Pakistan, the problem was similar, in which tons of Qurans were found in local dumpsters.

When one American decides to burn Qurans, the whole world focuses on America, but when in the Muslim world tons of Qurans are mingled with human excrement, no news media cares. I wonder why?

When one man decides to burn the Quran in America, almost all Americans condemn him. Yet Muslims demonstrate by the millions calling for America’s destruction. The Muslim world should demonstrate by the million with banners in hand that says: “One man wanted to burn our Quran and the whole country went against him, wow, America, what a great country”.

Why isn’t this ever the case?

I rest my case.

Walid Shoebat