Wacko Democrat: ‘Many of our Mass Murderers go to Churches’

In response to Bill O’Reilly’s correct analysis based on facts about the importance of undercover surveillance of mosques in New York City, the President of the Borough of Brooklyn – a wacko Democrat named Eric Adams – objected saying:

“Many of our mass murderers go to churches. Should we go after every church?”

Disclaimer: for the race-baiting leftists who are afflicted with tourette’s syndrome on matters of race, you will see that we have identified a black man as a ‘wacko’. This is not because he’s black. It is because he is a ‘wacko’ who just so happens to be black.

Eric 'Wacko' Adams

Eric ‘Wacko’ Adams

The facts are that an overwhelming majority of mosques in the U.S. preach hatred. That number sits at more than 80% on the low side. That fact alone tells police exactly where the terrorist hornets’ nests are. The notion that there is equivalence between churches and mosques is nothing short of absurd. What say you, Wacko Adams?

This is the sheer stupidity of the average leftist twit. You cannot describe these people any other way. Sadly, these idiots continue to endanger us all and tragically, many innocent Americans will pay the ultimate price for this craziness. Watch the segment for yourself. It should outrage you. If it does not, then you are either a Democrat or part of our larger problem of criminal ignorance and stupidity.


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