Senator Harry Reid Compares American Patriots to Hamas

At a luncheon with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Senator Harry Reid accused Americans who were protesting the actions of Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents as being “domestic terrorists”. Reid’s rationale for the comparison was beyond despicable. He accused protesters of placing women and children on the front lines of their battle with BLM agents.

This was clearly an attempt by Reid to compare law-abiding American citizens with the likes of Hamas, which fires rockets into Israel from schools and hospitals.

Via RCP:

In reality, if any party in the Nevada ranch dispute could be compared to Hamas, it should have been the BLM agents, who destroyed property and killed cattle.

Here is the bunch Reid compared law-abiding Americans to:

MSNBC Morning Joe panelist Mike Barnicle agrees with Reid:

**UPDATE at 8:04am EST on April 19, 2014**
This video by former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack is being pointed to by the left as justification for Reid’s assertion that women were placed on the front lines:

Not only was that was an incredibly stupid thing for Mack to say, it doesn’t appear that it was true.


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