Its All About Eradicating Jews (The PA Hamas Coalition Agreement TRANSLATED)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) has obtained from Arabic sources the agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. In the agreement, there is no mention of any atrocities committed by Hamas against the P.A. or the forgiveness for Hamas executing forces working for the Palestinian Authority. This was all forgotten. As to the reasons of such a coalition, the introduction sums it all: It is all about Jerusalem and eradicating Israel. For a detailed understanding on our view as to why the Israeli Palestinian peace talks are destined to fail, read our MUST READ report we just published [here].

Here is an exact translation of the text of the agreement:

In the name of Allah the Merciful

« Hold on to Allah and be not divided among yourselves » [Quran]

A statement from the delegation to meet with the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the movement «Hamas » to end the division and the implementation of the National Reconciliation.

At a time when growing attacks increase on the Palestinian cause, at all levels, at a time of rising attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first direction to our prayers and where the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him walked upon, in the midst of intensifying Judaization of the city of Jerusalem, and the liquidation of its Arab identity, and the desecration of Islamic and Christian holy sites, and encroachment of settlements on the territory of the West Bank who hold on steadfast as the occupation masquerades behind agreements and treaties in international norms and conventions, so he increases his military assaults, and beyond all limits maneuvers against our people causing division in our leadership, the enemy then abuses us all; humans, trees and stone, and he exposed our male and female prisoners in Israeli jails to the worst forms of abuse.

At a time of intense siege on our sector that is standing tall, and while it is exacerbated by humanitarian problems on our steadfast brothers, and in time that will continue the suffering of our people in the homeland and in the Diaspora. Therefore, the national reconciliation and the end of the Palestinian division to restore national unity and cementing and developing controls that ensure the stability and continuity and to grow in scale has become a national duty.

As the brothers reviewed the political situation, which is, going through our national cause, and the state of political stalemate as result of Israeli intransigence which has evoked all national responsibility in the joint action, and the need to strengthen the partnership in policy and decision, so that our people continue to march towards freedom, and back, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, with its capital in Jerusalem.

It is therefore, upon this premise, national, religious and nationalist-Semitism, that this delegation of the PLO, and the Islamic Resistance Movement « Hamas » to meet on the ground of Gaza the steadfast, to agree on timetables for ending the division and the application of national reconciliation agreement.

The two meetings were held over two days, between the two delegations, in the spirit of understanding, diligence, and compatibility, and giving priority to the interests of the country, where it was agreed on the following:

First, to emphasize the commitment of all what has been agreed upon in the Cairo agreement, and understandings thereto, and the Doha Declaration, and consider them the reference upon implementation.
Second: government: President Mahmoud Abbas begins consultations to form a government of national consensus, from this date, and declare during the period of five weeks, based on the Cairo Agreement, the Doha Declaration, and all its obligations.

Third: the election: an emphasis on synchronization of the legislative elections, and presidential elections, and the National Council, and authorizes the President to set a date for elections, in consultation with the forces and national events, that holding elections would commence at least 6 months after the formation of the government.
It is agreed to establish a committee to activate the Liberation Organization, at its next meeting, and the completion of the requirements of the said elections.

Fourth: the PLO was agreed to convene the Committee to activate and develop the PLO, for the exercise of its functions stipulated in the agreements, within five weeks of this date, and the emphasis on and continue to meet periodically thereafter.
Fifth: CNR community: the immediate resumption of the work of community reconciliation, and its subcommittees, based on what was agreed upon in Cairo.

Sixth: Liberties Committee: an emphasis on the application of what was agreed upon in Cairo, in public freedoms, and an invitation to the Public Freedoms Committee in the West Bank and Gaza, to resume work immediately and implement its decisions.

Seventh: Legislative Council: an emphasis on the application of what has been agreed upon, activating the Palestinian Legislative Council and carry out his duties.

In conclusion, the two delegations affirm the valuation and appreciation of the Egyptian role in the care of the reconciliation agreement, and continue to emphasize the role and value of Arab support for the comprehensive application of the reconciliation agreement.

Greeting all salute our martyrs

Salute all our prisoners salute to our heroes

Greeting each greeting to the wounded
Delegation of the PLO:
Azzam al-Ahmad «Fatah Movement», Bassam Salhi, «People’s Party», Mustafa Barghouti, «The National Initiative Movement», Munib al-Masri, businessman, Jamil Shehadeh, «Arab Liberation Front».
Delegation «Hamas Movement»:

Ismail Haniyeh, vice president of the Political Bureau of the Movement, Moussa Abu Marzouk , a member of the political bureau, Imad al-Alami, a member of the political bureau, Mahmoud al-Zahar, a member of the Political Bureau, Khalil al-Hayya, a member of the Political Bureau, Nizar Awadallah, a member of the Politburo.