Muslim Man Convicted of Murdering Wife after he and CAIR tried to blame Islamophobia

A San Diego Muslim man who accused unknown non-Muslim assailants of slaying his wife two years ago was found guilty of her murder this week. The verdict was met with an outburst and family fracas one local news reporter said was “not even close” to anything he had witnessed inside a courtroom before. Before killing his wife and bearing false witness about who did it, the man had worked as a cultural adviser to the U.S. army, assigned to train soldiers who were being deployed to the Middle East, a trend has reported on extensively.

Apparently, the murderer was going for the Islamophobic ‘two-fer’ when he hatched his dastardly scheme. One, he could murder his wife in some sort of honor killing. Two, he could bear false witness against non-Muslims and stoke himself some Islamophobia, Saul Alinsky-style. Even CAIR’s local Executive Director sought out cameras to do the same, though Hanif Mohebi was only identified in a local news report as a “family friend” and not in his capacity as the leader of a local chapter of a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Making the matter even more potentially inflammatory is the fact that the murder took place during the time of tensions over the Trayon Martin / George Zimmerman case. CAIR Chicago even made the comparison at the time.

Check out this video montage that dates back to shortly after the murder and includes the fight that took place inside the courtroom this week (h/t BNI):

To get an idea of just how much the family and CAIR’s apparatchiks attempted to stoke Islamophobia, here is another news report from shortly after the murder. Note at the 1:37 mark. The murderer and his murdered wife had been hired by the U.S. military to act as cultural advisers to U.S. Troops.

Knowing what we know now about who was guilty, this should outrage Americans:


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