Muslims And Homosexuals Want To Destroy Christian Civilization

By Theodore Shoebat

It is commonly argued that Islam is anti-homosexual, and many conservative moderates have complained that Muslim fanatics just hate everyone, including homosexuals. What is rarely ever said is that the jihadists are riddled with homosexuality.

According to a US Military study, Pashtun men in Afghanistan commonly have sex with other men and express attraction for other men.

A research unit that accompanied a team of Marines in Afghanistan frequently found themselves confused as to the behavior of numerous Afghan men. In one occasion, an Afghan man was found with gonorrhea in his anus, but refused to say that it was transmitted sexually “because they were not homosexuals.”

The Pashtun Muslims have a koranic interpretation in regards to homosexuality in which a man is only prohibited from “loving” another man, but not using another man for sexual gratification. It is not surprising that a group of these interpreters were found with gonorrhea.

Homosexuality amongst jihadists is not a product of today, or a recent occurrence. Muhammad himself was a cross dresser who adorned himself with the clothes of his child bride Aisha, as we write in our article, Would Jesus or Muhammad Have Gay Friends?

In the Sahih Collection of al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 2442, Chapter 52, Muhammad says:

The revelation does not come to me when I am in the garment of any woman except ‘A’isha.

In Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 3941, the same impostor states:

Do not hurt me with Aisha; for by Allah, the inspiration did not descent on me while I was in the coverings (lihaf) of any of you (women) except Aisha.

In the Sahih collection of Imam Muslim, Hadith Number 4472, one Zaynab Bint Jahsh requests a visit to see Muhammad

while he was with Aisha in (fee) her robe (Mirt) and in the same state that Fatimah found him in.”

As we write in our book, For God or For Tyranny, the Quran itself promises boy loving for jihadists in paradise.

The followers of Muhammad consisted of mukhannathun, or cross dressers. It is the same word as mukhannatah, which in Arabic means homosexual.

Daayiee Abdullah, an openly gay imam, describes the mukhannathun as

sort of a male-female, cross-dressing types. They existed. And they also lived or worked in the household of the Prophet. Aisha, one of the Prophet’s wives, indicated that there were men who worked in the household. They were mukhannathun. That generally meant that they were not necessarily castrated, but not having an interest in women.

In the Middle Ages, decades before the First Crusade, Muslim Turks were reported to have raped Christians to satisfy their sadistic desire to sexually torture their Christian enemies.

In a letter written by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus to Robert, count of Flanders, the Emperor describes how the Muslims savagely and ceaselessly raped Christian women, and that after some time, grew tired of women and turned on men, sodomizing them by force. Excerpts from the letter were quoted and rendered by the Medieval historian Guibert of Nogent as follows:

They took virgins and made them public prostitutes, since they were never deterred by shame or feeling for martial fidelity. Mothers were violated in the presence of their daughters, raped over and over again by different men, while their daughters were compelled, not only to watch, but to sing obscene songs and to dance. Then they changed places, and the suffering, which is painful and shameful to speak of, was inflicted upon the daughters, while the filthy activity was adorned by the obscene songs of the unfortunate mothers. Finally reverence for all that was called Christian was handed over to the brothel. When the female sex was not spared (an action which might be excused since it is at least in accord with nature), they became worse than animals, breaking all human laws by turning on men. Their lust overflowed to the point that the execrable and profoundly intolerable crime of sodomy, which they committed against men of middle or low station, they also committed against a certain bishop, killing him. (Guibert of Nogent, book 1, p. 33, ed. Echo Library)

Does this letter not remind us of what the Apostle Paul wrote to the Romans, that “the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error”?

The letter’s descriptions illustrates quite clearly the connection between Islamic violence and homosexual sadism. The homosexuals want to execute their savage violence against Christians, with the use of sodomy as their weapon. As the Gay Manifesto states:

We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies.

Of course, the homosexuals in Russia do not talk like this, because they are not tolerated by the zealous Orthodox Christians: reported on how homosexuals in Oregon forced a Christian bakery to close down because they refused to make a homosexual “wedding” cake. The sodomites, just like the Muslims, threatened to kill the Christian baker’s family if he did not comply. As recently reported, homosexuals in Germany attacked a Christian rally in which they “ripped pages of the Bible, wiped their anuses with the pages, crumpled them up and threw them at the Christians.” This behavior is no different that what the Muslims did in the Chapel of Ayios Demetrios in Cyprus in which they covered the holy altar with human excrement, as I write in my book, For God or For Tyranny .

The attacks by the sodomites is the consequence of tolerating homosexuals, it is the same result of tolerating Islam: violence and tyranny toward Christians. As I wrote in one of my articles against homosexuals:

Tolerance is an illusion, made by those seeking power, to obtain power, and to stay in power. It is a mask concocted for the purpose of deception! It is used by the mob, by the violent, by the cruel, in order to trick us into thinking that they are peaceful, until they take control, and there will be no tolerance of us, only tolerance for them, and their despotism.

The Bible gives us the illustration as to what violence homosexuals bring to those who believe in God. In the Book of Judges it recounts how a mob of homosexuals desired to come into a home to rape a man:

While they were making merry, and refreshing their bodies with meat and drink, after the labour of the journey, the men of that city, sons of Belial, (that is, without yoke,) came and beset the old man’s house, and began to knock at the door, calling to the master of the house, and saying: Bring forth the man that came into thy house, that we may abuse him. (Judges 19:22)

The Divine Law against homosexuality establishes civilization and perpetuates its existence. It purges the society of reprobates in order to enable freedom and liberty to flourish.

Both the Muslims and the homosexuals are striving for the same goal: the destruction of Christian civilization.

Outlaw the sodomite before he outlaws you.



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