Egypt Sentences 683 Muslim Fanatics To Death

Egypt Sentences 683 Muslim Fanatics To Death

By Theodore Shoebat

An Egyptian court in Minya, Egypt, has sentenced 683 Muslim Brotherhood members to death, including the spiritual adviser for Muhammad Morsi, Mohamed Badie. The sentence is the result of the Muslim Brotherhood causing riots and the murder of police officers.

As just as this sounds, it is very likely that the sentences will be overturned. In march, this same judge sentenced 529 Muslim fanatics to death, and only 37 remained with capital sentences, while the rest were given life imprisonment. In order for the sentence to be carried out, it has to first be approved by the mufti, and it is very difficult to believe that he will raise his thumb to the deaths of Muslim fundamentalists. Moreover, if the Mufti approves, he will be putting his own life on the line because the Muslim Brotherhood will be coming after him. It is a mafia, lets not forget.

I am sure Obama would hate to see his friends in Egypt killed. But I hope their sentences are approved and the trash is cleaned out.



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