1980: Pastor Delivers Passionate Speech on God in Politics

In 1980, the malaise that had descended on the country thanks to President Jimmy Carter was very similar to what America is going through today. However, Americans woke up and realized what a disaster Carter was for the country after one term. In 2012, Obama – unlike Carter – was awarded a second term. The reasons for Obama’s re-election are varied but chief among them was who the Republicans nominated, not that Obama was so loved – though the media unmasked itself as a ventriloquist dummy for the administration.

Mitt Romney played it safe. As a result, he didn’t inspire his base, which largely stayed home. Romney didn’t endear himself to social, faith-based Christian conservatives because consultants insisted the base would be there; Romney had to win the ‘independents’. Romney did win the independents – by a country mile. He lost because his base couldn’t get behind someone who wasn’t politically courageous.

That’s where Ronald Reagan was different. In 1980, at the National Affairs Briefing, Pastor James Robison delivered an impassioned speech about how important God is in politics. Much of what he said then is very salient today but he also was politically courageous with his words, for a pastor. After Robeson delivered his speech, he turned the microphone over to Reagan.

Here is Robison’s speech. Tomorrow, we’ll bring you the speech by Reagan that followed.

h/t Phil Brown


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