Hindus Force Christians To Convert To Hindusm, And Plan To Destroy Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat

Hindus have been forcing Christians to convert to Hinduism, in their sinister plan to destroy Christianity.

There are numerous videos showing what Hindus do to Christians. Here is a video showing Christians forced to convert to Islam, taking a Hindu mark on their foreheads, reminiscent to how Muslim put the shahadatan (“There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger”) on their foreheads.

In this one video, one can see a Hindu attacking a Cross posted on the top of a church:

In the coming elections of India, the Hindu fanatic Narendra Modi of National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP), is appearing very close to taking the victory in India, which will give the authority to him and his party to form the national government of India. This fully Hindu government of India, if it succeeds, will lead to systematic persecution against Indian Christians, just as the Sharia state of Pakistan is now executing an organized oppression of Christians in its own country.

If you want a clear illustration as to how conniving, and vicious, these Hindu politicians are, watch this video of a number of Hindu politicians justifying violence toward Christians:

The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is believed to have the highest population of Christians, yet it has had the highest accounts of persecution (41) in the year 2013. Just as the Muslims in Pakistan falsely accuse Christians of supposed crimes in order to incite persecution, the Hindus in India will falsely accuse Christians of forcibly converting hindus to Christianity, with the intent of stirring up mob violence who then attack churches and believers in Christ.

For example, in February a Hindu mob burned down the Bethel Gospel Church in Hyderabad to ashes. The church’s pastor, Christopher, expressed his utmost consternation in the midst of such violent wolves:

We are living in fear… There have been continuous threats from the Hindu radicals. We Christians are treated as second class citizens in this country.

Pastor Devaraju, another minister in India, expressed how he, each day, lives with the knowledge of not knowing whether or not he will be killed by the Hindus:

Surviving as a pastor in India at the hands of Hindu radicals is every day a challenge. There is no guarantee that I will come back home if I go for gospel work

On March 17, 15 Hindu fanatics stormed the home of Rev. B. Rajarathnam and his wife, and attacked them with vicious violence. They punched and slapped his wife so many times that she went to the ground unconscious, and she was taken to the hospital afterwards. Rajarathnam gave warning to the coming persecutions coming to the Indian Christians on account of the prospect of Modi, the Hindu candidate, taking the victory in the elections:

There is an increasing trouble emerging for the Christian community with Modi projected as prime minister… It is a matter of deep distress for Christians.

Rev. Ronald John, a Christian leader in India, had this to say:

There is huge discrepancy when it comes to delivery of justice for religious minorities in this country, and with Modi as prime minister, India will become an even more unsafe place for religious minorities

All of these attacks give us a concrete conclusion as to the theological significance behind them, and that is that all false religions, will end up executing violence against Christians. Before killing Abel, I am sure Cain did not show an indications of violence towards his brother, and because Abel trusted him enough that he walked through the fields with him, Cain killed him.



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