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Is Ted Cruz benefiting from the Archie Bunker Effect?

By Ben Barrack If there’s one thing I’ve learned in talk radio, it’s that satire often goes over people’s heads. Often, something said as a throw-away, back-handed, off-the-cuff line intended to invoke humor is taken seriously or seen as objectionable. This is not because those on the receiving end don’t understand the concept of satire; […]

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Bill Press channels Meathead when ripping National Anthem

Proof the left hates America and proof that Bill Press channeled Michael “Meathead” Stivic (played by liberal whack job Rob Reiner) on his talk show. First up, earlier this week, liberal socialist, marxist, commie pinko, whacko Bill Press ripped this country’s national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. His argument? It’s “un-singable,” it’s “an abomination,” and […]

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