Bill Press channels Meathead when ripping National Anthem

Proof the left hates America and proof that Bill Press channeled Michael “Meathead” Stivic (played by liberal whack job Rob Reiner) on his talk show.

First up, earlier this week, liberal socialist, marxist, commie pinko, whacko Bill Press ripped this country’s national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. His argument? It’s “un-singable,” it’s “an abomination,” and it glorifies war. Lost on Press is the fact that men fought and died for his right to spew such traitorous tripe.

Now, let’s go back 40 years to 1972. Archie Bunker, a character in the television show All in the Family, was the breadwinner in his family; he was decent enough to let his daughter Gloria and her freeloading husband live with him despite the fact that “Meathead” ate him out of house and home without producing any income. That is the perfect allegory for this clip.

Not only does “Meathead” sound like Bill Press but instead of helping with dinner or working in the yard, the disgrace of a son-in-law deliberately angers Archie (a WWII veteran in the show) by turning off the television to tell him that the Star Spangled Banner is a “terrible song” that “glorifies war.”

Be careful with this level of irony. It’s been known to choke donkeys.

h/t Ben Barrack


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