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British Prime Minister Mistakes Beheadings For Charity

Earlier this summer, Shoebat.com brought you British PM David Cameron issuing a heaping helping of sycophancy for Muslims. He even elevated them over his own citizens while praising their terror funding. He did this to kick-off the ‘Holy’ month of Ramadan. Now that Ramadan is over, Cameron is right there, seeking out the lower intestine […]

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Was British Soldier told to Stand Down in Benghazi?

When we chimed in on Lara Logan’s 60 Minutes piece on Benghazi, what caught our attention was a glaring discrepancy between a claim made by Logan and a diametrically opposing claim by the Accountability Review Board (ARB). Logan reported that CIA Annex personnel “ignored orders to wait” while the ARB said “the Annex team was […]

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Brilliant Young Conservative Journalist From UK Stands for Israel

http://shoebat.org/videos/dougMurray.php Excerpt from debate at Royal Holloway University of London Title of debate “Is media too critical of Israel” Douglas Murray has become a new star of the conservative movement in UK. He is proudly pro Israel and runs a think tank called The Centre for Social Cohesion. He is a righteous Gentile. Bio Douglas […]

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The Ayalon Institute + Special Price on “Forgotten Ally”

Ayalon Institute where some unusual acts of “research” took place in the 1940s in Israel. Another powerful story of bravery and ingenuity by real Jewish freedom fighters. Click Here To View The Clip . . . In conjunction with the release of this footage, we are offering a discount on one of our books, in […]

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