British Prime Minister Mistakes Beheadings For Charity

Earlier this summer, brought you British PM David Cameron issuing a heaping helping of sycophancy for Muslims. He even elevated them over his own citizens while praising their terror funding. He did this to kick-off the ‘Holy’ month of Ramadan.

Now that Ramadan is over, Cameron is right there, seeking out the lower intestine of any Islamic leader he can find to wish Muslims a happy Eid.

When he wished everyone a happy Ramadan in June, Cameron did so based on a lie. In the weeks that have transpired since, beheadings in the name of Islam are off the charts; ISIS has actually put al-Qaeda on the run; and the genocide of Christians continues all across the Middle East.

Don’t tell Dave though. He wants to be known in his country’s history books as a bigger disgrace than Neville Chamberlain (h/t BNI):

Courtesy of ROP, here is the 2014 Ramadan Bombathon 2014 Scorecard:



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