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Conservative Media Taking Obama’s Race Bait

On today’s Barrack-Ast: Stories are constantly fighting for time in the 24-hour news cycle. The Obama administration has proven quite adept at determining what stories dominate. If you see a story in any mainstream media outlet involving the administration, odds are beyond very good the administration wanted it there, even if it seems unflattering. That’s […]

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Muslim Arrested for Threatening Darren Wilson on Facebook

In a report from the Seattle Times, Jaleel Tariq Abdul-Jabbaar as a black man – through his quotes only, not the reporting – who took to Facebook to issue threats to kill ex-Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. What is not made known in the article is that Abdul-Jabbaar is a Muslim: Federal prosecutors have charged […]

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Muslim Ferguson Agitator Displays Arrogance and Belligerence During TV Interview

Bassem Masri is an arab Muslim who has been arrested on more than one occasion in Ferguson. As Shoebat.com has reported, he is doing his part to foment unrest in the area and was recently interviewed by Michael Smerconish. In the exchange below, it’s clear what kind of person the police are having to deal […]

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