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Frank Wolf asks his last Benghazi Question of the Day

Today, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) asked his last Benghazi Question of the day, which had to do with information presented in a CNN report yesterday from Jake Tapper. That report suggests that CIA officials who were on the ground in Benghazi are being intimidated into silence. Via Wolf’s website: Why are these heroes being told […]

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Frank Wolf: Benghazi Question #9

Rep. Frank Wolf took to the House floor again today for his Benghazi Question of the Day, his ninth such question. The subject of Wolf’s latest question was based on a report by Sharyl Attkisson of CBS. In that report, Atkisson cited unnamed senior administration officials who admitted that “mistakes” had been made on 9/11/12 […]

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Frank Wolf: Benghazi Question #7

Frank Wolf has delivered his daily installment of the “Benghazi Question of the Day” has just completed its seventh day. Today, Wolf focused on the communications of Ambassador Christopher Stevens during the attack. Apparently, Stevens made several calls for help. Wolf raises valid questions about who he called and what did the people on the […]

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Benghazi House Select Committee Holdouts

As of this writing, there are 161 co-sponsors (all Republicans) of Rep. Frank Wolf’s HR-36. This resolution would require the formation of a Select Committee to investigate what happened in Benghazi on 9/11/12. Of course, with 234 Republican congressmen in the House, this leaves 73 Representatives who have not endorsed Wolf’s Resolution; their names and […]

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Rep. Frank Wolf: Benghazi Question #6

Rep. Frank Wolf’s now daily installment of the “Benghazi Question of the Day” has just completed its sixth day. While Wolf used his five minutes to reiterated many of his concerns about the Benghazi investigation, his question had to do with General Carter Ham giving closed door testimony to Congress and then speaking at a […]

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Rep. Frank Wolf getting closer to issue of Saudi Slavery

This post is a bit of a follow-up on the story about two Filipino women who may have been held captive as slaves in a Virginia mansion owned by the Saudi government. There is more information available on this story. Moreover, it looks like Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) may be getting involved in a high-level […]

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House Homeland Security Committee Chairman comes up short in letter about Fort Hood attack

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) is the new House Homeland Security Committee chairman. As such, he rightfully took the lead in writing a letter demanding that the Fort Hood attack be identified for what it was. While we appreciate McCaul’s efforts, we take issue with identifying what happened at Fort Hood solely as an ‘act of […]

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