Frank Wolf: Benghazi Question #10

Rep. Frank Wolf took to the House floor again today for his Benghazi Question of the Day, his tenth such question. The subject of Wolf’s latest question had to do with why there was a CIA Annex in Benghazi to begin with. Wolf also wanted to know if the annex was involved in weapons collections and if those weapons were sent to Syria.

When was the annex established?

How many people worked at the annex – of these, how many were direct agency employees and how many were contractors?

What was the ratio of CIA staff to security contractors?

Above all, why was there a facility operated by the CIA in Benghazi?

If indeed the CIA facility in Benghazi involved in the collection of $40 million in weapons from the U.S., as first reported by National Journal in 2011, where are they?

The $40 million promised by Secretary Clinton would buy a very large quantity of weapons. Were they shipped out of Benghazi? Are they in warehouses on U.S. soil? Are they in other allied countries? Or did they end up elsewhere?

Is it possible that the president’s intelligence finding included an authorization for the weapons collected in Libya to be transferred to Syrian rebels? Was the CIA annex being used to facilitate these transfers? If so, how did the weapons physically move from Libya to Syria? By plane? By ship?

And, again, I ask, if these weapons were not being transferred to other countries like Syria, where exactly did they end up?

Was the CIA annex being used as a logistics center to track and transfer these weapons?

Was Ambassador Stevens’ visit to the CIA annex on September 10 associated with these operations?

And if these activities were taking place, was this consistent with the president’s intelligence finding? Was the Congress notified?

Wolf’s HR-36 still stands at 162 co-sponsors. To view Wolf’s previous questions of the day, click here.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA)

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA)


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