Rep. Frank Wolf: Benghazi Question #6

Rep. Frank Wolf’s now daily installment of the “Benghazi Question of the Day” has just completed its sixth day. While Wolf used his five minutes to reiterated many of his concerns about the Benghazi investigation, his question had to do with General Carter Ham giving closed door testimony to Congress and then speaking at a forum that charged $1200 per ticket to hear Ham talk about the military’s response to the attack.

Short of insisting Benghazi was a terrorist attack, Ham appears to be echoing the Obama administration / ARB line that jets shouldn’t or couldn’t have been sent to Benghazi but he’s not providing information to back up that assessment. He also would not address questions about his being forced to retire.

Via Fox News:

While Ham did not address reports he was pushed into retirement after Benghazi, he said a quick response to the attack was not possible — and he defended the decision not to scramble fighter jets.

“It was perfectly understandable to me why people would say you should have done that (but) in my military judgment, there was not a necessity and there was not a clear purpose in doing so.”

Ham’s public assessment, believed to be his first since the attack that left four Americans dead, including Stevens, bears special weight since he was the regional commander for Africa.His comments last weekend are in line with those of his former boss, Panetta, who testified before the Senate Armed Services committee in February.

Anyone pinning their hopes on Ham being the guy who might blow holes in the Obama administration’s narrative might want to move on because the General appears to have fallen in line.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA)

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA)


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