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Contrasting Fear and Courage in Florida and Egypt

When the people of Egypt took to the streets to demand the ouster of Mohammed Mursi, they garnered much respect around the world for their courage. They then did the work Americans wouldn’t do; they called out the Obama administration for its obvious support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps we have two microcosms that demonstrate […]

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Hillary: ‘Sisterhood’ needs ‘dialogue’ and ‘justice’

Hillary Clinton didn’t just invoke the language of Islamists while giving a speech to a national black sorority last night. She used a word that her former deputy chief of staff, who is Muslim, is likely quite familiar with. Huma Abedin’s mother is a prominent leader with the Muslim Sisterhood. Clinton, who like Obama, is […]

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CAIR: DOJ should go after Zimmerman on Civil Rights

CAIR – the Council on American Islamic Relations – is predictably on the side of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Holder when it comes to George Zimmerman. Despite the lack of evidence necessary to prosecute, the case was prosecuted. Despite Zimmerman’s acquittal, Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were apparently abused. Via CAIR National: The Council […]

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Zimmerman, Egypt, and behavioral patterns

Eric Holder’s fingerprints may be on a smoking gun in the Zimmerman case. That smoking gun implicates the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a conspiracy to rub raw the sores of racial discontent against George Zimmerman in Sanford, FL. The irony is that the evidence implicating Holder’s DOJ may be stronger than the evidence implicating […]

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