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Savage Mob Captures Nun, Rapes Her, And Then Parades Her Through The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat A savage mob in India angrily entered a certain house and seized a nun who was in hiding, dragged her outside where three Hindu heathens raped and molested her, and then paraded her naked through the streets. As one journalist writes: The 29-year-old Catholic nun was attacked by a mob and raped […]

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Muslims Stab Man To Death And Rob Him To Fund Jihad

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim jihadists, Police’ Fakruddin, Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik, were arrested in India after a fight with local police. They confessed to the murder of an employee of a jewelry story. The Muslims followed him with a motorcycle and attempted to rob him. When he resisted, the Muslims stabbed and killed him. […]

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