Savage Mob Captures Nun, Rapes Her, And Then Parades Her Through The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat

A savage mob in India angrily entered a certain house and seized a nun who was in hiding, dragged her outside where three Hindu heathens raped and molested her, and then paraded her naked through the streets. As one journalist writes:

The 29-year-old Catholic nun was attacked by a mob and raped at Nuagaon village in Kandhamal district

The mob also vandalized dozens of churches, and 38 people were slaughtered in the beastly violence. Though the horrid event took place in 2008, the verdict was just made. Judge Gyana Ranjan Purohit found Santosh Patnaik guilty of rape, and Gajendra Digal and Saroj Badhei guilty of molestation “outraging the modesty of a woman”. Their sentencing will be today.

In the Western world we complain about the most superficial things, but the Christians in the East would strive till the ends of the earth to endure what irritates us. In the East, the Christians daily have to worry about being raped, kidnapped, beheaded, executed in the most horrific way, and countless other methods of killing conceived only in minds that are plunged into the lowest depths of hell.

We must work to rescue our brethren. Please donate to Rescue Christians, give whatever you can give and it will go to save Christian lives, be it in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.

As we can see, the behavior of the Hindus is no different than that of the Muslim. As we read in this story, Hindus raped a poor nun, and in the Conquest of Constantinople, in 1453, the Ottoman Turks did not hesitate to rape nuns when they flooded the Hagia Sophia Church with their savagery and utter absence of compassion.

In Islam, there is the ritual of human sacrifice, in which the Muslim slaughters a Christian or a certain enemy for the propitiation of Allah, as is seen in this video:

Human sacrifice is also in Hinduism, and till this day there are reports of Hindus committing this pagan act, as is presented in this video:

Islam and Hinduism are each a different means to the same end: demonic violence and tyranny. There are the same product each with a different wrapping, since Satan has to market his ideas in accordance to the culture of the people he is promulgating his false doctrines to.

Regardless of the false religion, whether it be Islam or Hinduism, the targets are the same: the lives of Christians. Christian blood will always be desired by those who reject the Blood of Christ. This is the reality that we live in, and we can no longer veil our eyes to it, but rather, confront it. We must confront evil with the Sword of the Spirit, and with all of our charity toward the saints who are persecuted by the slaves of Satan.

Knowing that Christians are being killed, how could you just sit and do nothing? Please, join us in our mission to rescue the persecuted and donate to save Christian lives in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, and numerous other lands.


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