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Why Islam cannot be separated from Radical Islam

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly took the opportunity to once again have Ayan Hirsi Ali on her program to discuss sharia law since the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram remains in the news. Ali, who was born in Somalia explains perfectly why the transformation from the so-called ‘peaceful’ brand of Islam […]

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Muslim Woman recognized by White House helps to Perpetrate War on Women

One of the more egregious but effective tactics of the Obama administration has been the libelous and slanderous ‘war on women’ label that it applies to its opponents. Yet, one of the women it named as a ‘Champion of Change’ is a Muslim who has a problem with a documentary that spotlights the the real […]

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Human Rights Attorney appears on Kelly File for second night in a row, Dismantles CAIR Representative

Human rights attorney Brooke Goldstein appeared on the Kelly File for the second night in a row, this time, opposite a representative from CAIR-Chicago. During her appearance, Goldstein spoke more truth about who and what CAIR is than has been vocalized on Fox News in a long time, if at all. One night after Kelly […]

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