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Islam Not Mentioned in Honor Killing Report

Gruesome murder of stepdaughter by Muslim fundamentalist, issues of Islam or “honor killing” not even mentioned in Fox affiliate report. No report at all from other main Stream Media. Politicians and Media from both parties complicit in downfall of America. We the people are all that are left to fight the Islamo fascists. Original Report

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“BBC: Hitler’s Muslim Legions” + “I Am Israel” + Walid to Tour Australia and New Zealand‏

========BBC: Hitler’s Muslim Legions============== The incredible report by the BBC radio 4, exposing the Muslim participation in World War two and The Grand Mufti Haj Ameen Hussieni. At the end of the report for the sake of balance, they try to discredit The Mufti as not reflecting today’s Palestinian cause. The truth is that the […]

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