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U.S. Marines Sing ‘Days of Elijah’ LOUDLY

This is a must-watch. Well over 100 U.S. Marines stand shoulder to shoulder and deliver a very inspiring rendition of ‘Days of Elijah’. They even find a place for an ‘oooo-rah!’ in the refrain. As there have been forces at work to force Islamic sensitivities onto the U.S. Military for some time now, these guys […]

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Is Marine Brass running scared in Urination case?

We all remember the controversial images that went viral early last year; a group of Marines in Afghanistan were seen urinating on dead Taliban soldiers. Legal proceedings followed and two marines were scheduled for courts-martial. As the investigation unfolded, Capt. James Clement was also charged, with dereliction of duty for not supervising those involved. Charges […]

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Marine Col. who was ‘Retired’ (but wasn’t) to Testify on Benghazi

It started with a report from Sharyl Attkisson. The CBS reporter – whose computers were hacked as she investigated Benghazi – reported that the Pentagon said Marine Corps. Col. George Bristol was retired and could not be compelled to testify. We now know that Bristol isn’t retired. Now the Pentagon is willing to let him […]

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Did Pentagon Lie about potential Benghazi Witness?

Back on July 5th, Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News reported that the Pentagon would not divulge the whereabouts of Marine Corps. Col. George Bristol, who may have valuable information about what happened in Benghazi, to those in Congress who wanted to talk to him because they “cannot compel retired members to testify before Congress.” According […]

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Egypt commits Act of War against United States; promptly rewarded with $450 Million

Let’s get this straight. On the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was attacked and the U.S. flag was replaced with an al-Qaeda flag. We have a question for those who think a declaration of war on Egypt would be too extreme. Do you think the U.S. should be […]

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Report: Obama Administration ‘taking Iran’s side’

It was known at the time; it has been known since. Hezbollah was behind and at the very least, involved, in the 1983 Marine barracks attack. In 2007, a federal judge even ruled that Tehran was on the hook for $2.65 Billion in damages for the deaths of US Marines who were murdered in Lebanon […]

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Muslim ex-Marine Guilty of Shooting at Pentagon in name of Islam; Media avoids truth… again

A Muslim and ex-Marine named Yonathan Melaku has been convicted to 25 years after pleading guilty to firing shots at the Pentagon, the Marine Corps museum, and other military targets. In large part, what did him in, was the fact that he filmed himself on the night he drove around he Wasington, DC area. The […]

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