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Muslims Charge Into Church And Murder six Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims entered a church in Kenya and murdered six Christians, and injured 18 people, including 12 women and 4 children. They say that screams of agony and anguish filled the room as the Muslims committed their blood shed and fulfilled their insatiable lust for violence and sadism. People from the congregations tried […]

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Muslims Come To Church, Say “We have orders from above to demolish this church”

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims have torn down a 300 member Church in South Sudan, under the orders of the government of Omar al-Bashir, who is working to uproot Christianity in his devil-riddened country. The police officer in charge of the demolition of the church told a member of the church: We have orders from above […]

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Muslims Destroy 248 Christian Churches

By Theodore Shoebat There used to be 300 churches in Iraq, and now they are only 52, which means the Muslims have destroyed 248 churches in the country of Iraq, alone. While the modern minded people (who think they are intelligent), give seemingly pious objections against Russia’s anti-sodomite laws, they do not lift a finger […]

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Muslims Shamelessly Use Church As Toilet

By Theodore Shoebat A church in Kosovo, Serbia, that is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, was desecrated by ruined by sulky and evil Muslims. The same heretics made the church into a dump, and only that, but made the entire sanctuary into their toilet. This beautiful church was built on the sight where Prince […]

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