Muslims Destroy 248 Christian Churches

By Theodore Shoebat

There used to be 300 churches in Iraq, and now they are only 52, which means the Muslims have destroyed 248 churches in the country of Iraq, alone.

While the modern minded people (who think they are intelligent), give seemingly pious objections against Russia’s anti-sodomite laws, they do not lift a finger against the real and blood oppression that are occurring every day in nations like Iraq and Syria.

As one commentator has said:

The U.S. and U.K., which oversaw the transition of Iraq from a dictatorship to a democracy, did nothing to ensure the protection of Christian minorities there. Now, Christians face persecution and death, and most have fled ancient communities.

We, the Shoebat Foundation, are lifting more than fingers. We have dedicated our lives to rescuing the persecuted saints. Please donate to rescue Christian lives in Iraq and Syria.

Also, please watch this video of Muslims in Kosovo destroying Serbian churches to the sublime singing of Pavle Aksentijevic (a favorite of ours).


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