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Moroccan Cleric rules that Carrots may be used as Vibrators

Abd Al-Bari Al-Zamzami is a Muslim cleric from Morocco and a Member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. Not only has he issued a ruling that necrophilia is ok as long as it’s between spouses but that women are permitted to use a certain vegetable to… uh… well… Interestingly, as part of his defense […]

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Islam and Sexual Perversions

Walid Shoebat Sexual perversions are not exclusive to the Muslim world; they exist in every culture. What makes the Muslim world different is the multitude of religious officials who use word games to avoid identifying deviant behavior as such. In the Muslim world, Necrophilia has magically become “Farewell Intercourse,” which is actually rejected by a […]

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Update: Don’t be Islamophobic; embrace Necrophilia

Update to this story. See what happens when you bring critical thinking into the equation? It tends to shoot holes through Sharia law. Just to reiterate, Sharia law in Egypt has been codified to allow 14 year-old girls to be married and dead women to become the rape victims of their husbands. Does this mean […]

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