Islam and Sexual Perversions

Walid Shoebat

Sexual perversions are not exclusive to the Muslim world; they exist in every culture. What makes the Muslim world different is the multitude of religious officials who use word games to avoid identifying deviant behavior as such. In the Muslim world, Necrophilia has magically become “Farewell Intercourse,” which is actually rejected by a majority of Muslim theologians.

The article published by Amr Abdasameea in the newspaper “Al Ahram” on May 1st, and before that article Mahmoud Nafi published on the 19th of April at the “Republic” of Egypt, titled “farewell intercourse” were not some western conspiracy to defame Islam. Considerable debate in various circles in Egypt, as revealed in the article about a proposed law were provided by a deputy Salafist movement, named Haji Ahmad who adopted the fatwa of one Moroccan Shaykh Bari Zemzemi which allows the husband to have intimate relations with his dead wife during the first six hours of her death; it also allows women to do the same with her dead husband.

In fact, one can watch Sheikh Zamzami himself giving Fatwa allowing sex with dead a wife here:

Controversy was not confined to Egypt alone; it was also found in the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” and the newspaper “the Daily al-Mail” which the British report was quoted in it. One deputy in the Egyptian parliament named Sheikh Ahmed supported the bill and introduced it, which is the major issue. How could it reach this far and why?

The proposed law, which includes reducing the age of marriage for girls to 14 years, and not to impose education and employment for women, had its reasons. Let’s look at the big picture here. The reason for this support by the Islamists in the Egyptian Parliament is to undo what Hosni Mubarak’s wife Suzan did in implementing women’s rights laws to stop young age marriages and to remove marital rape.

In fact, the High Council for Islamic Matters had participated in the 12th session regarding the Islamic Conference for The Islamic Uprising as representing the Islamic Committee for Woman and Child which stood for the decriminalization of rape within marriage. In fact, the Sisterhood, which is the woman’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, member Camellia Helmy is the leader of the Islamic Committee for Woman and Child (IICWC) who is found complaining that the “Women’s Committee of the United Nations had declared war on Islam”. She confronted the United Nations and accused it of supporting “Gender Equality.”

It was Camellia Helmy (Muslim Brotherhood) who is the key figures in the Islamic Committee for Woman and Child, which Masr (Egypt) newspaper reported:

The Islamic Committee for Woman and Child condemns passing any law that imprisons a husband under the pretext of raping his wife or to have [intimate relations] with her without her consent as prescribed under ‘marital rape.’ The Committee, at the end of the workshop which was held in Cairo regarding the Charter of the Family in Islam which rejected any law that gives women the freedom to control her body, or the recognition of illegitimate children. The committee is steadfast in stressing male superiority over women including the necessity of woman to obey her husband. (Feb 22, 2009)

She added…

The most dangerous of these is an international bill of rights for women (CEDAW) as the most dangerous issue that was ever established… Within the United Nations exists a fifth column… these organization apply daily pressure on governments which acts like a pincer. From one side the United Nations will apply pressure and from the other side these organizations apply pressure.”

How about Boy Love in Modern Qatar?

Boy Love in Afghanistan?

There is more here, here, and here if you can stand it.

To be fair, many Muslims object. Muslim Saudi writer Dr. Zuhair Mohammed Jamil Kutby laments (I translated from Arabic) regarding the Arab world:

The Arab Nation and through its scholars, jurists and intellectuals, think it is one of the best nations, and it is a nation like no other in the universe. But the fact is it went through periods of physical and moral degeneration that even history is embarrassed of. (Arab Vanity and Corruption)

He added:

When we come back to read some pages of our history—not the history written by Orientalists—this way we do not claim they are antagonistic. We find that our Arab history is full of conflict, crowded with a culture of lying and exposed by sexual and moral deviation … Is it not wrong and shameful the spread of corruption and sexual deviation in the corridors and palaces during Arab rule? Plentiful were these [deviations] written in our history books, novels and stories. For example, The Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid spent his nights with Al-Majin and the immoral poet Abu Nawas…Here are the verses that indicate sexual decadence and corruption in which Abu Nawas says

‘Adela blames my choice,
a boy smooth as an Oryx …
leave me alone, I said
do not blame me,
I am committed to what you hate
and until death do us part
Did not the book of Allah instruct?
To prefer boys over girls…’

Pedophilia stems from the Qur’an and Muhammad. Muslim doublespeak covers up Muhammad’s marriage with Aisha, his six-year old wife and argue that he waited to consummate his marriage when she was nine. This waiting has nothing to do with Aisha’s maturity but with payment:

“…then Abu Bakr asked [the Prophet] “O Messenger of God, what prevents you from consummating the marriage with your wife?” The Prophet said “The bridal gift (sadaq).” Abu Bakr gave him the bridal gift, twelve and a half ounces [of gold], and the Prophet sent for us. He consummated our marriage in my house, the one where I live now and where he passed away. [The History of Al-Tabari: Biographies of the Prophet’s Companions and Their Successors, translated by Ella Landau-Tasseron, SUNY Press, Albany, 1998, Volume XXXIX, pp. 171-173]

Muhammad’s companions and old geezers married underage girls. Ali gave his daughter to Umar:

“Umar asked ‘Ali for the hand of his daughter, Umm Kulthum in marriage. ‘Ali replied that she has not yet attained the age (of maturity)… Thus ‘Ali gave his daughter Umm Kulthum a dress and asked her to go to ‘Umar’ ‘Go and tell your father that you are very pretty …’. With that ‘Ali married Umm Kulthum to ‘Umar.” [In Tarikh Khamees, Volume 2, p. 384 (‘Dhikr Umm Kalthum’) and Zakhair Al-Aqba, p. 168]

In The Summary for The Message of Prayer, How To Teach Our Children Prayer by Sheikh Yousuf Al-Asfuri AlBahreini, First Edition, 1989. This book is for the elementary schools in Bahrain (photo of page in Arabic here). In it, it gives the etiquettes of washing from ejaculation. Page 53 discusses the necessity to cleanse oneself and the conditions for washing “1—intercourse with the vaginal part of a woman…intercourse after ejaculating in her anus…intercourse after ejaculating in a boy’s anus…after intercourse with an animal…”

Moroccan journalist Hamid Tulist, in addressing the pedophilia problem in the Middle East, laments:

Even the prince of the faithful Caliph Al-Amin, son of Caliph Harun al-Rashid, bought his eunuchs and dedicated them for his private use and refused women and slaves, and anguished over his love for a boy named Kauthar, and sang for him love songs and poetry. Caliph and Commander of the Faithful of Allah, al-Wathiq bin Khalifa Mu’tasim and Caliph Harun al-Rashid’s grandson, longed for a boy called Mahj. He dedicated sweet and delicate poems for him. Commander of the Faithful and Caliph al-Walid ibn Yazid ibn Abd al-Malik was even said that he enticed his brother to sodomize him.

Tulist reverts not to the Quran, Hadith or Islamic jurisprudence to solve the problem of pedophilia in the Arab-Muslim world, but to the Jewish faith:

The first mention of a type of sexual perversion (homosexuality) stated in the first religious book known in the Arab East was Genesis, a Jewish book and the first book of the five books of the Torah. In the story of Lot were God punished sexual perversion. In fact the Arabic word ‘Luat’ (sodomy) came from the Hebrew ‘Lot’ and not from the Arabic.

Many of the social issues need to be addressed to the blind west and translated. Secular Arabic television stations address the issues of pleasure marriages, sex with infants, boys, especially amongst the Shia. Yet, Misyar marriage is nothing more then Call Girls legalized in Egypt and all over the Arab world by the top officials and Fatwa issuers. There are many websites to facilitate the transactions. Go ahead and click here to see for yourself, this is for ‘lonely’ Muslim men who are on the road and are allowed to have sex with local Muslim women in the area where the lonely Muslim male is traveling. Call Girls are allowed in Islam and even with Muslim women donned with Hijab. Misyar means sex for the travelers. While prostitution exists in every corner of the globe, its sanctification with fanciful words is what is particularly at issue here. The word “prostitution” is removed since there is a transaction established that says “marriage” instead. Misyar is all over the Middle East and is sanctioned by many top Imams. The Muslim “conservative” world is much more disgusting than one can imagine. Misyar marriages are rarely if ever discussed in Western media. Misyar literally means the traveler marriage in which women must relinquish the care owed to them by a husband. Sheikh Ahmed al-Kubaissi, from the United Arab Emirates, thinks there is no formal problem with ‘misyar’ marriage. After all, it fulfills all the demands of Islamic law. Wealthy Muslim men sometimes enter into a Misyar marriage while on vacation, in order to have sexual relations with another woman without committing the sin of adultery. They usually divorce the women once their holiday is over.

However, if this is understood by both parties at the time of concluding the marriage contract (and this is usually the case), this would constitute a fixed time period.

The Sheikh of al-Azhar MosqueMuhammad Sayyid Tantawi – and theologian Yusuf Al-Qaradawi note, in their writings and in their lectures, that a major proportion of the men who take a spouse in the framework of the misyar marriage are already married men.

Many of the men involved would not marry a second wife within the regime of normal Islamic polygamy because of the heavy financial burdens, moral obligations & responsibilities placed on the husband. Instead, they opt for the option of misyar marriage when the theologians declare it licit. According to a Fatwa for Ayatollah Sistani, a Shī‘a Sayyed, Mut’ah is permitted but Misyar is considered to be prohibited by Shias. While both condemn the other sect for immoral acts, there is much similarity between Mut’ah and Misyar. Both require all the conditions applicable to Nikah (marriage) with the exception of fixed expiration date in Mut’ah. Every marriage by Sunnis requires two adult male witnesses, whereas in Shī‘as, the two witnesses required in either nikah-e-Mut’ah or in ordinary marriage may be just Allah and the Qur’an.

Websites in the English amount to a few thousand hits on Misyar with the usual Muslim discussion groups but the Arabic has over a million hits with a litany of services that facilitate the process with the blessings by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. What the Muslim world accuses the infidel of is exactly what the Muslim world is actually guilty of. But they have ways of passing their guilt. Of course, in the Middle East, the worst thing to be is a Jew and a woman. These are evil since hell is filled with them. Every evil is sanctioned in the Muslim world. Adultery is cloaked in Muta and Misyar. Rape is cloaked in the right to own concubines. Murder is cloaked in Jihad against the collaborators and the Zionist enemy whom corrupted God’s Word, the Bible.

Indeed, the Bible has been corrupted—the Quran is that corruption.


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