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What to Do About Libya? Arm both Sides!‏

Friends Keith Davies Executive Director’s latest article on Big Peace Blog http://bigpeace.com/kdavies/2011/03/18/what-to-do-in-libya-arm-both-sides/ As the world struggles with what to do with Libya and the uprisings in the whole of the Middle East, let us be honest, there are no good options, anything we do is bad and doing nothing is also bad. Our policies of […]

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Walid will be speaking at two locations in New Mexico this weekend

Friends Walid will be speaking at two locations in New Mexico this weekend. On Saturday Morning Feb 26 at Olive Tree Fellowship 2621 Cagua Drive NE, Albuquerque, NM tel 505 352 1003 at 10 am and 2 pm On Sunday evening at 5.30 pm 2/27 at Rock Christian Rock Fellowship 919 N. Riverside Dr, Espanola, […]

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3 Things You Need To Know About Islam Video + Refusing To Name The Enemy Article

http://shoebat.org/videos/3ThingsIslam.php http://www.shoebat.com/blog/archives/414 Our first feature is a video that efficiently spells out the minimum amount of knowledge an American NEEDS to know in order to understand the conflict of Islam vs. The Western World. We also are featuring an article originally from American Thinker that spells out the political correctness that is slowly but surely […]

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