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Shoebat Interviews with Michael Savage 06/21/2011

http://shoebat.org/audio/savage062111.php …an extraordinary interview Walid exposes Huma Abedin, the wife of the disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner as a potential infiltrator in the State Department who has access to sensitive information. This is a fantastic interview with Michael Savage, and goes into detail to the depths of deception of the stealth Jihad that we face as […]

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Three Major Syndicated Interviews: Michael Medved, Rusty Humphries and Jim Bohannon

Click Here for the Michael Medved Interview… http://shoebat.org/audio/3syndicated3.php Click Here for the Rusty Humphries Interview… http://shoebat.org/audio/3syndicated2.php Click Here for the Jim Bohannon Interview… http://shoebat.org/audio/3syndicated.php

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More mosque revelations

CLICK HERE TO VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE More mosque revelations Last Updated: 8:29 AM, September 3, 2010 Posted: 11:59 PM, September 2, 2010 So now it transpires that a key money- man behind the proposed Ground Zero mosque is a one-time supporter of a group shut down by the feds because it was a front for […]

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