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Pallywood Strikes Again with ‘Foot Soldier’

You can always tell when those Palestinians are desperate. They use the Pallywood card like the left in America uses the race card. It’s sure to come out when it’s the last card to play. The Palestinians’ latest attempt at blood libel brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘foot soldier’. Time to tweet […]

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Muslim Congressman Race-Baits with Global Warming

Just when you thought race-baiting had been tried from every angle, Muslim congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) has found a new way to do it. See if you can follow this, while keeping in mind that nearly half the country doesn’t pay taxes and is sustained to varying degrees by those who do. The obvious premise […]

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Video hypocrisy: Muslim Congressman plays the Race Card

There’s irony and then there’s hypocrisy that will make you choke so bad that you’ll need someone to perform the heimlich maneuver on you. This clip from Rep. Keith Ellison may just block your air pathway. He actually accuses white people of being racist for calling Obama the “food stamp president.” Someone should bring Mr. […]

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