Muslim Congressman Race-Baits with Global Warming

Just when you thought race-baiting had been tried from every angle, Muslim congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) has found a new way to do it. See if you can follow this, while keeping in mind that nearly half the country doesn’t pay taxes and is sustained to varying degrees by those who do. The obvious premise from Ellison is that it’s still not enough but he takes it a step further in a tweet. In the twisted mind of Ellison, climate change deniers are not only devoid of intelligence but they’re using global warming as a weapon against minorities.


Last month, New York Times writer Thomas Friedman blamed the rise in Syrian jihadists and the subsequent ‘civil war’ there on man-made Global Warming Climate Change Global Climate Disruption, as reported.

If Ellison’s argument is mixed with Friedman’s argument, one could conclude that Global Climate disruption deniers (not the jihadists) are actually the ones responsible for the slaughtering of Christians in Syria because they’re not dealing with what truly is behind the slaughter.

In case you’re wondering if that resembles the Obama administration’s attempt to blame the Nigerian government for Boko Haram’s terrorism, it does.

That would be Islamophobia-baiting while playing the Global Climate Disruption card.

h/t WZ


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