Pallywood Strikes Again with ‘Foot Soldier’

You can always tell when those Palestinians are desperate. They use the Pallywood card like the left in America uses the race card. It’s sure to come out when it’s the last card to play. The Palestinians’ latest attempt at blood libel brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘foot soldier’.

Time to tweet a photograph of a mean IDF soldier stepping on the chest of a little girl while pointing a gun at her face:

However, there is a bit of a problem. In this internet age, there are often several people with digital cameras who take different shots from different angles and from different distances. As Legal Insurrection points out, the photo was actually taken in 2011 and the “Israeli” soldier was actually a Palestinian militant once caught in a staged Pallywood scene (note all the onlookers eager to see how real cinematography works):

Pallywood movie set.

Pallywood movie set.

This type of propaganda is most intended for Palestinians who may need a little motivation to hate Israel just a little bit more but it’s also used for western audiences as well. Back in 2012, as reported, during another round of fighting between Israel and Hamas, CNN’s Anderson Cooper showed Pallywood footage as being real:

A short time later, brought you a report from CNN’s Sara Sidner reported that the Israelis killed a small Palestinian child when in reality, it was a Hamas rocket that killed the boy. The woman who filed the report continued to be used as a CNN resource. In fact, right after anchor Don Lemon issued a veiled retraction – essentially on her behalf – he went to Sidner for another report, as relayed at the time:


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