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Hamas Fires Rockets into Israel as Cease-Fire Ends on Islam’s Holiest Day of the Week

Though you’d never know it by reading the New York Times headline – ‘Cease-Fire in Gaza Expires with Rockets Fired Into Israel’ – Hamas launched more rockets into Israel as the latest 72-hour cease-fire ended (at least they’re getting better and didn’t launch the rockets 90 minutes in to the cease-fire this time). The rockets […]

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Israeli Ambassador Rips State Department Ventriloquist Dummy

As Shoebat.com reported earlier today, the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer is a public relations smack down artist. Dermer now has another public relations scalp from the Obama administration to hang on his wall. This one has red hair and a history of lying. The first two were NBC’s Chuck Todd and David […]

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Israel’s Ambassador to U.S. Shreds Another NBC Host

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer may have supplanted the spokesman for Israel’s Prime Minister Mark Regev (who is also very good) as the most effective defender of the Israeli position on Gaza. In an exchange with Meet the Press’s David Gregory, Dermer mopped the floor with the left-wing, pseudo-objective host. Left-wing, mainstream media […]

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