Israel’s Ambassador to U.S. Shreds Another NBC Host

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer may have supplanted the spokesman for Israel’s Prime Minister Mark Regev (who is also very good) as the most effective defender of the Israeli position on Gaza. In an exchange with Meet the Press’s David Gregory, Dermer mopped the floor with the left-wing, pseudo-objective host.

Left-wing, mainstream media pundits want a ceasefire in Gaza because they’re being destroyed in the arena of political discourse. You can always tell when leftists in the media are losing an argument. They fail to respond to a point that warrants further analysis and move on to a completely different subject under the auspices of time constraints in a forum of pseudo-objectivity.

While interviewing Dermer, Gregory repeatedly changed the subject each time Dermer shredded the premise for Gregory’s questions.

One such premise was that there is no military solution to the situation in Gaza and that Israel should concede that it must deal with a Hamas government there. Dermer shot that down by asking Gregory if ISIS should be given a seat at the table in any Iraqi government.

Hiding behind the veil of pseudo-objectivity, Gregory moved on as he did throughout this exchange (h/t WFB):

Last week, Dermer made Chuck Todd – another NBC leftist posing as a journalist – look utterly foolish by busting Todd and ex-Al Jazerra reporter Ayman Mohyeldin in the act of putting forth a verifiably false story that blamed Israel for rocket attacks by Hamas. Amazingly, instead of defending himself, his colleague, or his network, Todd moved on to another question:


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