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Egypt Television airing our work on Benghazi suspect

This video was sent in by one of our readers. It appears to be one produced originally by the Western Center for Journalism back in August. We cannot confirm and do not endorse all of the claims made in the video (we refer you to our “Ironclad” Report when seeking our positions on this subject […]

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Shoebat.com Response to CNN Smear Campaign

We’ve added a video to show to illustrate the integrity of the Journalist whom seemed intent on smearing the Walid Shoebat Foundation…. Click here to view: http://shoebat.org/videos/drewGriffin.php We have also replaced our “home page” temporarily with a ‘response’ article written by Walid Shoebat (http://shoebat.org/), from here you can view how absurd the smear campaign is, […]

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Walid Shoebat Interviews on Laura Ingraham and O’Reilly Factor August 27 2010

http://www.shoebat.com/videos/shoebatOreilly082710.php Walid Shoebat Interviews on Laura Ingraham and O’Reilly Factor August 27 2010. Walid’s section of the interview on the Radio Interview is approximately 10 minutes and starts during the 59th minute of the show. Click Here For The O’Reilly Factor Clip Click Here For The Laura Ingraham Radio Show Interview

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2 Fox News Interviews PLUS Rusty Humphries Interview

http://shoebat.org/videos/foxMosque.php http://shoebat.org/videos/foxFriendsMosque.php http://shoebat.org/audio/humphries.php We have posted 3 interviews with major media featuring Walid Shoebat in regards to the Ground Zero Mosque. Please listen and share the media! Walid will appear back on Fox News next Monday August 23rd at 7.20 am on Fox and Friends. We have added new speaking engagements in Reno, Atlanta, Central […]

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