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Short Documentary On the Treachery of Obama and the Bergdahl Family, it NEEDS to go Viral

This short documentary which is less than 7 minutes long that exposes with solid evidence that the Bergdahl Father and Son are traitors and Obama also had to know based on the fact he released five top level Taliban terrorists in exchange for a traitor is thereby implicated as well. Please facebook and twitter this […]

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Inside the Mind of a Traitor

French General Philippe Pétain went from WWI hero to WWII traitor. He became an agent of the Nazis and even helped round up Jews for trips to concentration camps. Did Pétain suddenly become diabolically evil? Such traitors are devoid of a conscience. But what of men who have a conscience but ignore it while twisting […]

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Sailor Sentenced to 10 Years for Fleet Leak

Sailor Sentenced to 10 Years for Fleet Leak by IPT News Fri, 3 Apr 2009 at 12:45 PM Print Send Comment RSS Share: A federal judge sentenced Navy signalman Hassan Abu-Jihaad to 10 years in prison on Friday for sending classified information about his fleet’s travel plans to a terror-supporting website. Abu-Jihaad served on the […]

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