Jewish Betrayal of Arabs who speak for Israel

Dear Mr. Firestone:

It is with sadness and anger that I write this letter to complain about Tigers for Israel and Rabbi Julie Roth who are part of the Hillel organization at Princeton University. These people capitulated under pressure from the Muslim Student Association and dis-invited Nonie Darwish from Arabs for Israel to speak on the campus. These court Jews did not want to offend the Muslim terror sympathizers or the Arab money sucking Princeton University administration. These are the same type of Jews on the same campus of Princeton that were literally terrorized by the same pressure groups that canceled our event, “the Three Ex Terrorists” in Dec 2005. Our own event was well planned and professionally orchestrated with a team of ten people with a cost of $28,000 which was nearly wasted by some spoilt cowardly Jewish students. Only the ingenuity of our own efforts we managed to get the message out to nearly 40 million people through media exposure.

We have courageous Palestinians willing to die for the cause of Israel and Jews who fear Goliath? Our organization has suffered the same treatment at the hands of many in the Jewish community and yet again Nonie Darwish who runs an organization called “Arabs for Israel” whose father was a hater and killer of Jews was killed by Israel yet she now speaks out for her former enemy; is invited by both Princeton and Columbia by so called pro Israel groups and then dis-invited her because of “pressure by Muslim groups.” The excuse given that “they did not vet her thoroughly” Vet her for what? That she was too pro Israel and spoke the truth about terrorism in Israel from her own experiences as a former Muslim, go figure! Are the leaders of Tigers (Pussies) for Israel not aware of the 850,000 Jews thrown out of Arab lands between 1948 and 1973 through ethnic cleansing by Arabs.

Hillel who also condemned us for “hate speech” that former terrorists that made their main mission to stand up for Israel. To Hillel exposing Jew hatred is classified as “hate speech”? Are the millions given to Hillel intended to instill ‘Jewishness’ to students through eating bagels and lox on Sunday? Chabad Rabbis can do a much better job instead.

The lack of pride, knowledge and cowardice from Jewish students is a sad reflection on their parents who have not brought their kids up with a sense of pride in who and what a Jew stands for.

The lack of knowledge of the history of Israel is breath taking. One example is when I received a call from a Jewish student in Yale law school in his second year, in one of the best schools in the country, who headed the Pro Israel organization on campus wishing to advocate for Israel. He was prompted to invite Walid Shoebat to speak at the University. He wished to ask me more about Walid’s political views being against giving land for peace before inviting to speak. I asked him could I ask him a couple of questions first, and he agreed. I asked “Are you very familiar and have you studied the modern history of Israel?” in which he replied “no, I am not very familiar and have not studied the modern history of Israel.” Then I asked him “how he was able to determine his political views concerning Israel, was it from the New York Times, CBS, NBC or CNN?” he responded “yes that is how I formulate my opinion.” I then curtly responded, “young man you are not qualified to ask me a question!” It was pointless pursuing an avenue with such an uninformed student. How tragic and how sad.

The problem with advocating for Israel on our campuses is two fold: a lack of courage/knowledge and a lack of a professional approach. Jewish students are for the most scared, uneducated on Israel issues and lack pride in their heritage. The leaders and parents are the same and should hang their heads in shame that they are not willing to take up the battle for their brothers in Israel with knowledge and courage and provide the money, tools and expertise to fight the cause properly. Instead we see betrayal after betrayal of the very people who risk their own lives for what it seems to them a very unworthy and treacherous people. Imagine how Nonie Darwish, Walid Shoebat, Brigitte Gabriel and others feel from this disgraceful show from spoilt, cowardly and ignorant wimps that call themselves “pro Israel advocates”.

Through our history many Jews have acted in betraying their G-d and their own people. The story of the Golden Calf, the Twelve Spies, the persecution of our prophets, the lack of faith in our rights as Jews and so on. If we think rationally why we have survived as a people based on our own collective behavior as a nation, we should not have survived at all. The only conclusion I can come as a Jew is that we have survived because of G-d himself and his mercy and compassion.

Yet again some Jews have decided appeasing the enemy is more worthy than standing with their allies and friends. Now we fight on for the people and the land of Israel despite the pathetic weakness of many American Jews.

Keith Davies

Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation


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