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    True Palestinians are not children of Ishmael. (Gen 10:6, 10:14) They are not cousins to the children and descendents of Abraham!

    The children of the people of Goliath the giant, who King David slew, are the Philistines, and their root stock is originally from Egypt. The Philistines are the relatives of the Caphtorim, who also left Egypt and settled Crete and later Cyprus and founded Tyre and Sidon. The people of Tyre and Sidon are the root stock of the Phoenicians, who originally settled most of the empty Mediterranean including Sicily and Carthage.
    They are children of Ham if they are Philistine by blood, no family relations with Abraham or Ishmael is possible.
    The list of the offspring of Ham is impressive, but I will mention only a few famous ones. The whole list is in Genesis 10. Nimrod of Babel, which is Babylon; Erech of Accad, which is Akkadia; Assur of Nineveh, which is Assyria; and the Canaanites whom the God of Moses ordered destroyed under Joshua, whose borders included the famous cites of the vale of Siddim, which were Sodom, Gomorrah, and Admah and Zeboim: which God destroyed by fire and brimstone, are all from Ham and not from Abraham.

    The children of Shem through Arphaxad, Gen 10:22 is the root of Abraham. Gen 11: 10-26 clearly show the direct line through Terah, Abram’s father.

    Any Palestinian blood claim to the land cannot be founded in the Torah or to be completely clear no Palestinian blood claim to the land through the Koran can be supported either.

    If they claim to be son’s of Abraham through Ishmael, Ishmael married an Egyptian and begat 12 princes, Gen 25: 12-18, Ishmael went east while Abraham still lived. If they are Arabs, through Abraham’s wife Keturah, or other concubines, Gen 25: 1-6, they received gifts, and moved east while Abraham still lived. Their claim to land is only to the East and is outside Israel. They must be considered as distant relatives but they were not given land under Joshua. They have no ancient claim to Israel. Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac. Gen 25: 5
    If the people who call themselves Palestinian are not really Philistine, then what are they? Are they Ammonite, Moabite, Edomite, Idumean, Nabatean, Midianite, or of some other tribe?

    Whoever they are, if they are decendents of Abraham of the Bible, they cannot be true Palestinians.

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