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Arafat’s Bodyguard: Yeah, Yasser Lied all the time

As if you needed more proof that Yasser Arafat was a liar, here it is. The former PLO leader’s bodyguard said his boss lied all the time, especially when he was denouncing suicide bombers. In Arafat’s day, Jews were targets. Today, Christians are targeted by the religion that sanctions lying (according to Arafat’s bodyguard). PLEASE […]

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Petraeus and Hillary.

Petraeus Investigation still open to Keep him Quiet about Benghazi?

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder was pressed about why the case against ex-CIA Director David Petraeus is still under investigation. Indications are that members of Congress are concerned that the case is still hanging in limbo to prevent Petraeus from revealing what he knows about the Benghazi attacks. If, […]

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