Muslims Force Almost 1,000 Christian Women To Convert To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat

In Pakistan, according to a report released by Movement for Solidarity and Peace, 100 to 700 Christian girls are forced to convert to Islam each year.

The girls are usually between the ages of 12 and 25; they are abducted, forced to convert and then married to the abductor or to a third party.

What commonly happens is that the family of the abducted girl files a First Information Report (FIR) for kidnapping to the police, and then the abductor files a counter FIR that accuses the girl’s family for harassing their ‘willfully’ converting daughter.

The girl is forced to pronounce her conversion to Islam, and her family is left without justice.

We at Rescue Christians deal with numerous of these type of cases. Rescue Christians saved Tania Rubecca, a Christian girl who endured some of the most horrific and sadistic fashions of torture that we have heard of. She was kidnapped by Muslims, and her captors used rape as a weapon against her once she refused to convert to Islam. She was sold into slavery, and her captors tied her to a tree, cut her body with blades, burnt her flesh with lit cigarettes, and anally raped her, over and over again. This did not just happen once, but many times in a matter of weeks. This is her testimony, in which she speaks about how Rescue Christians delivered her from this horrid suffering:

Christian Girl Saved By Rescue Christians: Muslims “rapidly raped me and forced me to embrace Islam” from David Loving on Vimeo.



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