Muslims Attack Christian Elementary School And Murder Twelve People

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims attacked a Christian elementary school in Syria and murdered twelve people, mostly children attending the campus. Hanna, a Christian woman living in Damascus, was a witness to the aftermath of the of carnage, and this is what she said:

I want to tell you about Tuesday. It was a terrible day. We cried and prayed all day. Tuesday they were bombing Bab Touma, the old city of Damascus. A lot of Christians live there. There is also a Christian school—a private one. We know a lot of people in that school. Some children from our area also go to school there.

When those kids went to school on Tuesday, gathered at the square like they always do, a mortar fell in their midst. Some friends passed by the school and saw that parents and teachers were carrying their wounded children out of the school, dripping with blood. They saw them running to the hospitals in panic. For me, as a mother and a teacher, I can hardly bear to imagine what these people must be going through right now.

Twelve people lost their lives in that school, most of them children from the elementary school. Many more of them have lost arms and legs or have other injuries.

Hanna, with great faith and internal fortitude, met with the surviving children and gave them great comfort by telling them that God is still in Syria, no matter what:

In our school we gathered the children to pray for the victims. I told the children: No matter what bad things are happening around us, our God is still good; even if we’re in danger of death, our God is still good and worthy of praise. So we raised our hands and started worshipping God. The parents of one of our Muslim pupils were present while we did that, and they were so impressed they said: :”Our child is safe here. He is under the protection of God.”

This story provides us with two facts to contemplate: Firstly, that we in the West have no idea how good we have it, and therefore we must strive to maintain the freedoms which the leftists want to seize; and secondly, it shows degree of persecutions that has increased so horrifically.

We of Rescue Christians are currently working with Sister Hatune Dogan who rescued countless Christian children in Syria, and with us as partners, we are her number one supporter. We are rescuing Christians with her now, and we can only continue to do so with your help.



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  • yahshua love’s you

    May the lord yehshua get these scum bags damn bastards

  • tomads

    When the Sons of Abraham murder each other, who rejoices…
    Certainly NOT the Great God…

  • richinnameonly

    We do have it good in the west, relatively speaking. Who knows for how long, when you have a person on MSNBC excusing the actions of the Boston Marathon bombers, and the VP Biden making a speech in Boston saying, “It was all worth it”. These are the idiots that have the platform in the public arena.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    unstinkingbelievable. MONSTERS from the pit of hell.

    • shoebat

      I had thought that once someone is in hell, they cannot come out of it 🙂 so how could these MONSTERS come out of the “pit of hell”? 😉

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Yikes, my bad. Monsters indeed.