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Obama Caught on Video Revealing he is Either a Muslim Apostate or Stealth Jihadist

In a 2006 video, Barack Obama admitted that his father was born a Muslim. Inherent in this admission is that Barack himself was born into the Muslim religion. That’s according to sharia law. Any child born to a Muslim father is recognized in the Islamic religion as being a Muslim. His subsequent admission in the […]

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Middle East Forum report on Christian Persecution by Muslims… in April alone!

Whenever someone has the audacity to factually state that terrorist acts and religious persecution is committed so overwhelmingly by Muslims that it’s beginning to reach a point of exclusivity, leftists and Muslims alike will bring up… Timothy McVeigh as their shining example of a Christian terrorist. Aside from the fact that McVeigh was an agnostic […]

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Muslim Street Preacher in London gets Catholic to convert to Islam

Watch as Damian the Catholic runs into a Muslim street preacher in London and is persuaded to convert to Islam, which he does by uttering just a few words. The bad news for Damian is that if he decides to recant, he’s an instant apostate guilty of a sin worthy of death. At the 5:30 […]

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Iran’s Mullahs losing to Christianity?

Perhaps the most high profile case of apostasy in Iran right now is that of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who is currently on death row in that country for converting from Islam to Christianity. It appears, however, that the Iranian Mullahs have a bit of an epidemic on their hands when it comes to such conversions… […]

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