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Bachmann: Introducing bill to label Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization.

Bachmann Grills Ex-CIA Deputy Director on Benghazi Talking Points for Relying on Opinion of Bureaucrats over Word of CIA Personnel In Libya

Mike Morell, the Deputy CIA Director at the time of the Benghazi attacks appeared before the House Intelligence Committee about his role in the crafting the talking points ultimately used by then UN Ambassador Susan Rice on five Sunday talk shows. One of the more shocking revelations had to do with Morell’s contention that he […]

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More Tyranny Will Be In Syria If Bashar Al-Assad Regime Is Toppled

By Theodore Shoebat Over a thousand years ago, a Syrian monk by the name of John of Damascus had warned the church of a relatively new sect called Islam, and its founder Muhammad, who he had described as a heretic for following in the footsteps of Arias and denying the divinity of Christ. “There is […]

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If Bashar Al-Assad Is Ousted, The Islamists Will Take Over Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Those who think that the U.S should help the rebels in Syria oust out Bashar al-Assad, do not know anything about the Middle East. Within this region of the earth, people have been living under dictators for thousands of years. In a nation like Syria, as is most of the Near East, […]

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Those Who Mock Bachmann, Are Like Those Who Ignored Nazis

By Theodore Shoebat The anger which has been expressed to Michele Bachmann for her letter to federal officials, calling for an investigation on the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the US, is an event which will be worthy of reading in the future when we look back at all the fools who ignored the Islamic threat. […]

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