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Interesting Theory: Moses was a Muslim who led Muslims out of future Muslim country

Uh, in order to follow this line of convoluted thought, you must start with the premise that Moses was a Muslim (ignore the fact that Muslims did not come to be for thousands of years – that’s not relevant). Ok, now that you have that straight, you must understand that Moses led Muslims out of […]

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Honoring The Israeli Defense Forces Week: The Hero of The Yom Kippur War at The Golan

http://shoebat.org/videos/kahalani.php Avigdor Kahalani was a battalion commander during the Yom Kippur War. He and 7 of his remaining tanks of the 77th Brigade stopped the Syrian advance on the Golan Heights in 1973. We solute Avigdor Khalani who is now a retired General and his brave tank commanders for their courage and tenacity in saving […]

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