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Benghazi, Egypt, and that Innocence of Muslims Video

When it comes to the Benghazi attacks, the evidence against Egypt and its former president Mohammed Mursi is overwhelming. Based on that newly discovered reality that the Obama administration must have known, the administration didn’t just cover up for Ansar al-Sharia; it covered for Mursi too. Not only did it cover up for Mursi but […]

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Andrew Bostom breaks down Islamic Blasphemy Law

In this excellent piece by Andrew Bostom, he gives you the origins of Islamic blasphemy laws, what constitutes violations of such laws, who’s guilty, real life examples (Salman Rushdie), and more. Ten Key Points on Islamic Blasphemy Law At Rescue Christians, our people have seen the passage of such laws, their implementation, and how inherently […]

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Video: Andrew McCarthy on Benghazi, attention given to anti-Muhammad film

In this interview with Andrew McCarthy, the former Blind Sheikh prosecutor talks about the breakdowns within the Obama administration relative to the Benghazi attacks on 9/11/12. Based on lack of evidence to the contrary, he gives the administration the benefit of the doubt in asserting that the lack of response was due to gross incompetence […]

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Did Hillary commit Perjury… twice in one day?

In two otherwise pathetic performances by Republican congressmen – save for a few exceptions – who laid down like subjects in front of Queen Hillary, there were two exchanges – one during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing and the other during the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing – where the Secretary of State may […]

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Huffpo Writer compares Muhammad with George Washington

Normally, the left loves to demonize America’s founding fathers. However, when the task at hand involves comparing one of them – George Washington – to Muhammad, suddenly said founder is magically on solid ground. Only on the left can one find a penchant for demonizing heroes until it involves a comparison with Islam’s prophet, which […]

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Hillary on 9/11/12: ‘Some’ have blamed the anti-Muhammad video

Susan Rice has got to have steam shooting out of her ears… We now know that Hillary Clinton issued a statement ON 9/11/12 that pointed to the anti-Muhammad video as being involved in the Benghazi attack: “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet.” – […]

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Video: New anti-Muhammad film, courtesy of Pastor Terry Jones

Here is the new anti-Muhammad movie entitled, The Innocent Prophet, thanks to the Florida pastor best known for Qur’an burnings. If violence occurs, will there be calls for Jones’ arrest? “The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read and study Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.” […]

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Coptic-phobia! Egypt sentences Canadian man to death for role in anti-Muhammad film even though he had nothing to do with it

You gotta admit, sentencing a Coptic Christian man to death for his role in making the Innocence of Muslims is absurd enough but to do it not because he had anything to do it but because he’s… a Coptic Christian man seems both racist and phobic (based on the standard for Islamophobia, of course). When […]

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New York Times Interview with Innocence of Muslims filmmaker raises question about YouTube channel

There was an interesting tidbit found toward the end of a 6-page article written by Serge Kovaleski and Brooks Barnes of the New York Times – in which the two reporters revealed the contents of their interview with Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man behind the Innocence of Muslims video. Until now, it was only assumed […]

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Time to revisit Hillary Clinton’s September 13th Speech?

While the talking points recited by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on September 16th continues to be a point of interest, confusion, and conflicting accounts, looking at the words uttered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton three days earlier might shed some light on how those talking points got altered. The conflicting stories between former CIA […]

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Forget Susan Rice; who gave Jay Carney his September 14th talking points?

As a direct result of the November 16th testimony given to House and Senate Intelligence committees by former CIA Director David Petraeus, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice has come under the public spotlight. Everyone wants to know who altered her talking points prior to her five Sunday show appearances on September 16th, five days after the […]

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Can we start talking about what really happened on September 11th now?

As supposedly responsible people continue to point fingers over who knew what (and when) relative to what caused the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi, we thought it timely to revisit Walid’s discovery on September 13th; it puts so many ‘experts’ to shame. In the closed-door testimony of former CIA Director David Petraeus on November 16th, he […]

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Associated Press: Innocence of Muslims filmmaker gets one year in prison and oh yeah, the video WAS behind Libya attack

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was sentenced to one year in prison today for charges related to violating his probation. Perhaps just as newsworthy is the AP’s assertion that the anti-Muhammad film was responsible for the attack that killed four Americans in Libya. No, really. Via the AP: The California man behind an anti-Muslim film that roiled […]

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