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See first hand the brutality and suffering of the Slaves we are rescuing

Friends and Supporters Watch this trailer video which is an introduction to a full documentary we are making and should be ready in about a week. The documentary will show our work to save the Slaves in the Kilns as well as the challenges including a close call, where one of our rescue teams was […]

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Rescue Christians will Free over 200 people from Slavery in September

Dear Readers and Donors of Rescue Christians. First let me address a little issue, which we would like to remedy over next few weeks. Those who donate on PayPal we as yet have not developed a way of acknowledging your generosity. We will be working on that shortly. If you need a receipt for tax […]

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Muslims Use Women To Lead Men On, Then Brutally Murder Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria kidnapped a Christian girl named Hajja, and used her to lead their desired victims, only to ambush and slaughter them. She was used to bait five men, who were in turn ambushed and butchered. This is what she witnessed: They took them back to a cave and tied them […]

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