See first hand the brutality and suffering of the Slaves we are rescuing

Friends and Supporters

Watch this trailer video which is an introduction to a full documentary we are making and should be ready in about a week. The documentary will show our work to save the Slaves in the Kilns as well as the challenges including a close call, where one of our rescue teams was captured by the Kiln guards. They were tortured and their id’s and cell phone sim cards confiscated.

We were able to get cameras into one large Kiln by using some friendly police who told the kiln owners that our people were sent by government to make the film. This allowed us to interview Kiln victims. Also you will see interviews with a couple of our people who actually do the rescuing. Their faces are blocked for their protection.

Also please note that the Pakistan currency exchange rate is approximately 100 rupees to one dollar. The average working wage in Pakistan is about 20,000 Pakistani rupees about $200.00 per month. The slaves earn around 7000 rupees which is total of $70 which is not enough to pay for food for a whole family for a month in Pakistan.

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