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SUBWAY Commercial Features Woman Wearing BACON Eyebrows without a Hijab

Earlier this year, Shoebat.com reported on the decision by U.K. Subway sandwich shop stores to ban bacon from their menus after bowing to pressure from Muslims who insisted that only halal food be served. Shockingly, the 1500 store chain actually justified the ban based on “animal welfare concerns” and “religious communities” concerns. Providing more than […]

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U.K. Subway Stores Ban Bacon; Cameron still hiding Underground

Multiple Subway stores in the U.K. have now removed ham and bacon from their menus because of pressure from Muslims. The subsequent vacuum has apparently been filled by halal meat. A report in the Daily Mail reveals that when it comes to rationalizing dhimmitude, there simply is no shortage of ridiculous rationalizations: The chain, which […]

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